Pimperne Parish Council

Parish Council meetings are held in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on the second Wednesday in each month. The meetings contain a Democratic Session when parishioners may raise any matters of concern. Members of the public are very welcome to remain for the entire meeting but may not take part in the proceedings outside the Democratic Session. The Agenda is published on the notice board before each meeting and on this website.

The Parish Council can support provision of Village Halls, playing fields, seats and bus shelters, notice boards etc. It is consulted on planning and development, health, police, roads & transport.

The Parish Clerk is responsible for implementing decisions made by the Parish Council and for ensuring correct statutory procedures are followed. The Clerk produces agendas, minutes of meetings, accounts and keeps a register of interests of members.  Click on the following links to view:

An Annual Parish Meeting is held every year in April/May; all local government electors for the parish are entitled to attend, speak and vote. The meeting may discuss any matter of relevance to the parish.

The Parish Council comprises:

Peter Slocombe (Chairman)   01258 453419

Debby Mackenzie                   01258 451062  debby.mackenzie@outlook.com

John Tanner                           01258 455173  jjtanners@hotmail.com

Antony Argles                         01258 455513

Tim Harman                           01258 480685

Martin Richley                        01258 450595

Petra Peters                           01258 480262

Register of Parish Councillors interests

Who Does What?

DT11 Representative:                                      

Tree Officer:                                                 

Rights of Way Liaison Officer:                        

Pimperne Primary School Governor:            

Village Hall Representative:                           

Flood Warden:                                            

Dorset Assoc Parish & Town Councils Reps:        

Homewatch Co-ordinator & Speedwatch:                            

Village Newsletter:                               


Highways, potholes, grit bins:   


Best Kept Village:    

Finance Working Group:        

Community Officer:                                     


Clerk to Pimperne Parish Council may be contacted on:


Email:  pimperne@dorset-aptc.gov.uk

Peter Slocombe    

Debby Mackenzie

Antony Argles

Peter Slocombe

Peter Slocombe

John  Tanner

Martin Richley

Derek Andrews

Debby Mackenzie      

Debby Mackenzie    

Antony Argles

Tim Harman

Petra Peters

Peter Slocombe & Debby Mackenzie

Petra Peters

Register of Parish Councillors interests

Freedom of Information Act Model Publication Scheme

Code of Conduct

Standing Orders

Child Protection Policy

Financial Regulations

End of Year Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Explanation of Significant Variances

Annual Governance Statement                   

Section 1                 

Section 2                 

Section 3   

Section 4

Internal Audit Report Page 1

Internal Audit Report Page 2

Public Land and Building Assets

Items of expenditure above £100 2016/2017

Items of expenditure above £100 2017/2018