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A consultation on the Dorset Council Local Plan begins on 18 January and will last until 15 March.
Once adopted, the Local Plan will guide decisions on planning applications in Dorset until 2038.
The consultation is available online
For people who don’t have access to the plan online there are paper copies available for loan at libraries through their click and collect service. If people are shielding volunteers can help you pick up a paper copy of the plan for you from your local library.
Find out more about support for those shielding  
There are displays in windows of empty shops, libraries and Tourist Information Centres in some town centres.
There will also be a phone line that people can call to ask questions. This number will be available Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm. The dedicated phone line is 01305 252500.
A series of webinars will allow people to phone in and listen to, or view presentations about various sections of the plan. Once published, the webinars will be available to view at any time on our
YouTube channel. Questions can be submitted in advance for the team to answer either as part of the webinar or afterwards. We will aim to respond to all questions asked to each webinar on our webpage no later than 2 weeks afterwards. There is also the ability for people who are not online to call in and listen to the webinar. This number is 0203 8554234
There are also bespoke surgeries for particular groups and town and parish councils available upon request –
email for more details
A series of animations and podcasts have been developed to help explain The Dorset Council Local Plan. These can be found through Dorset Council’s social media channels or on the podcast platform

What is in the plan?

View the Dorset Council Local Plan consultation on the council’s website from Monday 18 January at www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/Dorset-council-local-plan

Paper copies of the plan are available for loan via click and collect from your local Dorset Council library (Covid-19 permitting) https://www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/libraries-history-culture/libraries/find-your-local-library/dorset-libraries.aspx.

If you are shielding volunteers can help you pick up a paper copy of the plan for you from your local library. Find out more about support for those shielding at https://www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/emergencies-severe-weather/emergencies/coronavirus/community-response/communities-and-volunteering.aspx

Find out more

Listen to or watch webinars

We are holding webinars throughout the consultation period on key themes within the plan. Each webinar will consist of a short presentation followed by a question and answer session. www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/dorset-council-local-plan-webinars

The timetable for webinars is as follows:

Date Topic Time

Tuesday 26 January  Distribution of development: including settlement hierarchy and the spatial distribution of development. 12-1pm

Thursday 28 January All things environmental: Climate change, renewable energy, flooding and biodiversity. 12-1pm

Tuesday 2 February  Central Dorset towns, housing and employment and landscape. 12-1pm

Thursday 4 February Western Dorset: towns, housing and employment sites and heritage  12-1pm

Tuesday 9 February Housing: including housing need, neighbourhood planning and affordable housing. 12-1pm

Thursday 11 February South Eastern Dorset: towns, housing and employment sites and the green belt 12-1pm

Tuesday 16 February Northern Dorset: towns, housing and employment sites and Design 12-1pm

Thursday 18 February The Economy, community and collecting money from development 12-1pm

Telephone the team

We also have a dedicated phone line available during the consultation period open Monday to Friday from 10am – 2pm. Telephone 01305 252500 to speak to a member of the team.

Planning surgeries for groups

Town or Parish councils, organisations or community groups can attend a planning surgery during the consultation period to discuss any queries with officers. Limited spaces are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 10am until 2pm. Telephone 01305 252500 to reserve your slot.

How can I make a comment?

Make sure you give your name and either postal or email address along with your postcode so that your response can be considered appropriately

Use the official form

Make your comments within the consultation period

Please note:

representations cannot be treated as confidential. By competing a representation, you agree to your name (but not your address) and comments being made available for public viewing

the Council does not accept any responsibility for the contents of the comments submitted. We reserve the right to remove any comments containing defamatory, abusive or malicious allegations.

I want to make my comment online

View and comment on the plan at the following link - www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/dorset-council-local-plan

The benefits of doing your response this way are as follows:

less impact on the environment as we do not need to use paper or postage

you’ll be emailed a copy of your response as confirmation once submitted

you’ll also be able to start your response and return to it at a later date – a confirmation email will send you a link to where you left off

you can upload supporting information to your response.

I want to email you my comment

We also accept responses emailed to us at planningpolicy@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk, completed on the specified response form.

I want to write my comment on paper

There are paper copies of the response form available upon request for those without internet or computer access. Please telephone 01305 252500 to request your copy.

This is an important part of helping to shape the first local plan for the whole Dorset Council area. We appreciate your time and your comments.