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Consultation closes 28th February 2022

The Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan has now been updated and amended to reflect the response received to the questionnaire issued with the Pimperne Village News in September 2021. A brief summary of the 114 responses (representing some 211 residents) is given below:

Development: -93% agreed that the land south of Letton Park and 97.3% agreed that the land between Letton Park and the village should remain as undeveloped agricultural land.

Additional Development: -92.9% agreed that there is no need to include any additional sites for housing/employment.

Vehicles per Property: -

1 bedroom households generally have one vehicle (75%)

2 bedroom households generally have one or two vehicles (67% and 25% respectively) with very few having more cars (8%)

3 bedroom households generally have two vehicles (46%) but about a quarter of such households have 3 or more cars (24%)

A 20-mph speed limit for the village: - 87.5% agreed – 12.5% disagreed.

Village Character: - 97.3% agreed with the current policies within the Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan.

Climate Change Emergency: - Average: 77.7% agreed that new dwellings/ business properties should be encouraged to install energy efficient features and electric car charging points.

The questionnaire responses were carefully considered by the Neighbourhood Plan Group for inclusion within the review process.

The main changes proposed to the plan are:

1) more information on design for better energy efficiency / zero-carbon standards

2) more encouragement of tree planting, and spaces for trees in new developments

3) more information on parking standards

4) inclusion of a requirement for affordable housing for sale (such as starter homes) on larger developments - as required by national policy

5) updates to reflect to closure of the shop and the Farquharson Arms pub

6) reference to the intention to implement a 20 mph speed limit for the village west of the A354

7) factual updates to housing numbers - completions and permissions

8) clarification of purpose of settlement boundary

You can find the revised plan on the Parish Council website here.  If you would like a paper copy of the Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan Review – First Submission January 2022, please contact the Parish Clerk on: pimperne@dorset-aptc.gov.uk or 01258 480046.

You can help us by letting us know what you think of these changes – do you agree with them?  Are there things you disagree with?  Please either:

complete either the paper questionnaire available in the Village Newsletter and return it to: The Parish Clerk, 43 Portman Road, Pimperne, DT11 8UJ, or

 complete the Questionnaire via Survey Monkey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PNPR-2, or

access the survey via the QR Code available in the Village Newsletter.

Should you need any assistance in completing the questionnaire please contact Peter Slocombe, Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan Group email: ps9220@yahoo.co.uk

The closing date to get your responses to us is 28th February 2022

Please remember that we are carrying out this review since reference to Neighbourhood Plans having less ‘Planning Weight’ two years after they are adopted remains within the revised National Planning Policy Framework issued by H.M, Government on July 2021. The Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan was adopted in January 2019.

We welcome you to attend the Public Drop-in session on 29th January 2022.

Members of the Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan Group will be there to provide assistance.

The reviewed Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for onward transmission to an independent examiner who will decide whether the changes are significant enough to warrant a referendum.


The Neighbourhood Planning Group is currently made up of:






At its meeting on 29th October 2018, North Dorset District Cabinet agreed that Pimperne’s Neighbourhood Plan should go to referendum. The Plan was finalised at the NDDC Full Council meeting on 25th January 2019. The Plan now forms part of planning policy. Congratulations to the Residents and Councillors of Pimperne for this important work. The Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed via this link: https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/planning-buildings-land/planning-policy/north-dorset/neighbourhood-planning/submitted-plans/pimperne-neighbourhood-plan.aspx

The Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to North Dorset District Council Planning Policy Officer for checking and examination following the incorporation of amendments required as a result of the pre-submission consultation. Documents submitted for checking/examination can be found below, together with the responses received during the pre-submission consultation. The consultation finished on 22nd June 2018.

An independent examiner was appointed.

The public pre-submission consultation for Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan ran for six weeks from 10th November to 22nd December 2017. A public drop-in session took place on Saturday 25th November 2017 at the Village Hall. Members of the Neighbourhood Planning Group were available to answer any questions and there was an opportunity to make comment. Paper copies of the draft pre-submission plan were available. This was the final public consultation before the plan is submitted to an independent examiner.

The Options Consultation event was held on 24th September 2016 in the Village Hall, with subsequent submission of 115 completed resident questionnaires. In addition responses were received from Historic England, Natural England, Wessex Water, Environment Agency, Dorset County Council, North Dorset District Council, and the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Relevant comments from the preceding organisations have now been incorporated within the Neighbourhood Plan. The evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan has been enhanced by completion of Local Green Spaces designation and the narrative review of the Options Consultation phase. Our Planning Consultant has now updated the Strategic Environmental Assessment and further inclusions within the Neighbourhood Plan in readiness for consultation on the Pre-Submission Draft Plan.

On Saturday 3rd June 2017 information regarding the three preferred housing sites was on display at the Village Coffee Morning followed by a short presentation and questions.

It is important that residents have an opportunity to ask questions about the potential sites and why they were chosen. A public consultation drop-in session took place on Thursday 6th July 2017 at Pimperne Village Hall. Parishioners had the opportunity to ask questions and make comments about the Plan. 35 comment forms were submitted which have been analysed; responses assisted in finalising the pre-submission draft for further consultation.

The last Neighbourhood Planning Group minutes can be viewed here.

For previous minutes click here and then select the minutes you wish to view.

Neighbourhood Planning Group Terms of Reference

Options Stage:

Landscape and Environment Research Summary view here

Housing Research Summary view here

Business and Local Economy Research Summary view here

Infrastructure Research Summary view here

Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan: options consultation draft view here

Pimperne Strategic Environmental Assessment - Options Stage Report view here

Statutory Consultee Summary Responses Options Consultation view here

Options Consultation Summary Questionnaire Responses view here

Options Consultation Questionnaire Responses view here

Options Consultation Statutory Reponses:

Natural England view here

Historic England view here

Cranborne Chase AONB view here

Blandford Plus view here

Blandford Town Council view here

Wessex Water view here

Dorset County Council view here

North Dorset District Council Conservation here

Options Consultation Other Responses:

Hall and Woodhouse view here

Savills on behalf of Taymix view here

Savills on behalf of Davis Coats view here

July Drop-in Session Comments view here

July Drop-in Session Analysis view here

The flyer for the July 2017 drop-in session plus up to date preferred site map is available to view here

Pre-submission Stage:

Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Draft Plan here

The Pimperne Strategic Environmental Assessment - Pre-submission Stage Report is available to view here

Pre-submission consultation statutory responses:

North Dorset District Council here

Cranborne Chase AONB here

Dorset AONB here

Environment Agency here

Historic England here and Part Two here

Southern Gas here

Wessex Water here

Blandford Town Council here

Other Responses:

Hall and Woodhouse here

Savills on behalf of Crocker here

Savills on behalf of Davis Coates here

Savills on behalf of Taymix here

Wyatt Homes here

Resident comments part one two three four

Submission Stage:

Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan Submission Draft Plan here

The Pimperne Strategic Environmental Assessment - Submission Stage Report is available to view here

Consultation Statement here

Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement view here

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Determination Statement here

Place Check Report view here

Housing Needs Assessment Report here

Local Green Spaces statement view here

CPRE Dark Skies here


Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version follow the link:


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Peter Slocombe (chair)

Damian Boyle

Antony Argles

Geoff Coull

John Tanner

Tim Harman

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